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     To bring VLSI professionals on one platform.
     Provide impetus to infrastructural growth for technology development.
     Provide impetus on HR development.
VSI invites previously unpublished technical papers, interviews with stalwarts in the field of VLSI, opinions etc., for the journal VSI VISION. It also cosponsors events, with financial/ technical support. Visit VSI Sponsorship to download the form or intimate via e-mail.
VSI Activities

VSI is engaged in the following activities:
1. Short and intensive courses, workshops on VLSI and related topics, and Educational workshops
2. Annual events
3. Provide technical/ financial sponsorship/ cosponsorship
4. Publications
5. VLSI Curriculum Development

Short courses and workshops
VLSI Society of India has taken the initiative in organizing a number of events throughout the year, spread across the country, to bring together the academia and the industry, that highlight the hot and emerging topics on VLSI and the related.
VSI provides sponsorship and technical support for the organization of such technical events.
So don't miss the next workshop or conference you need for your career. Visit VSI Events for a complete listing of events sponsored by VSI till date. If you wish to attend any of these events, you can visit our download section for the information-flyer of any of these events, or use the registration-mailer, to intimate the VSI Secretariat about your participation: Online Event Registration.

The proceedings of the previous workshops, VDAT Symposium and tutorials are available as softcopies. Visit VSI Publications or write to vsisecy@vlsi-india.org for details.

Annual Events Sponsored by VSI
VSI sponsors following prestigious events on an annual basis:
 International Conference on VLSI Design and International Conference on Embedded Systems
( http://www.vlsidesignconference.org),(http://vlsidesignconference.org/pdf/flyer1.pdf )
   VLSI Design And Test Symposium

VSI Sponsorship
Proposals for conducting the events related to VLSI may be sent to the Secretary of VSI; at least six months before the planned date of the event. VSI will consider the proposals for financial sponsorship / technical sponsorship / cooperation.
If you wish to get a sponsorship for holding any VLSI related event in India, please use the format available in the application form (pdf) or use the online sponsorship request form.

Indian Journal of VLSI and Electronic System Design (IJVED)
The VLSI Society of India is happy to collaborate with Chitkara University in bringing out a new journal entitled Indian Journal of VLSI and Electronic System Design (IJVED). This is the first Indian journal that will focus on topics related to VLSI Design and Electronic System Design. Our present plan is to bring out two issues of IJVED each year.

Visit Publications for details on IJVED subscription, call for papers, and paper submission.
VSI also compiles softcopies of the proceedings of all workshops, short-courses and the annual VDAT Symposium. The proceedings of VDAT symposium is also published in hardcopy format. Details under VDAT proceedings.
Past issues of the half-yearly periodical VSI Vision and newsletters are available from the download section under publications. VSI members receive monthly e-newsletters on VLSI related news, activities, events and VSI conducted workshops, short courses, conferences etc.,

VLSI Curriculum Development
VSI will hold meetings at the national level to propose a model curriculum for M.Tech programs in VLSI and Embedded Systems in India. One such meeting was held on Jan 8, 2004; at the VLSI Design Conference, Mumbai.

Books related to VLSI
There was a suggestion for the VSI website to show some books related to VLSI, costing less than Rs 250/-. We have tried to list such books here. If you know of any other books that can be listed, please let us know.

Your feedback on VSI, the conducted events, our web site etc., are important to us. Please use the feedback form to address queries on membership, suggest events etc.,.
VSI Objectives

The VLSI Society of India was formed in 1989 with the noble goal of making India a strong force in VLSI. Activities in the VLSI area in India were limited at that time, and the number of professionals working in the VLSI area were also fewer. Now, over a hundred companies are working in India in the areas of chip design, embedded system design, electronic design automation, and design services.
A number of workshops, symposia, seminars and conferences on VLSI-related topics are now being organized in India. The VLSI Design Conference, which has been sponsored by the VLSI Society of India, has grown significantly in the past 15 years, with the number of participants reaching 800. The VLSI Design and Test Workshops, another event sponsored by the VLSI Society of India, has also grown since its inception in 1998 and now attracts over 300 participants.
While acknowledging this momentum as a welcome change, we believe that there is a long way to go and much to be achieved.

Message from the President Inaugural Newsletter - January 2004 The purpose of the society is to contribute and promote the advancement of all aspects of VLSI technology, primarily in India, by all suitable means.

The purpose of the society is to contribute and promote the advancement of all aspects of VLSI technology, primarily in India, by all suitable means and in particular:

  To promote all areas relating to VLSI field. This includes but not limited to materials, technology, process, design, application
     CAD/Design Automation, VLSI architectures, education, policies, etc.
  To bring wide class of professionals from process technologies to specialists in VLSI architectures on one platform.
  To provide impetus to infrastructural growth for technology development.
  To provide impetus to human resources development.
  Conduct periodic seminars/conferences/workshops and such activities in this area.
  To bring out quality publications for effective dissemination of information.
  To continually formulate national goals for a sustained and vibrant VLSI industry.
  To evolve standards and frame works for achieving effective synergy.
  To estabilish relations with other similar associations, national or international.
VSI Sponsorship

   What support can VSI provide in organizing an event?
VSI can support technical events related to VLSI held in India by providing financial sponsorship/co-sponsorship, or technical co-sponsorship. Membership of VSI is mandatory for anyone who wishes to organize our events. The purpose of the society is to contribute and promote the advancement of all aspects of VLSI in India.

   How can I organize an event of the VSI?
First of all, you must be a member of VSI in order to send a proposal.
a) VSI can provide financial sponsorship for an event that you wish to organize. This means that VSI will provide seed funding for the event with the understanding that at the end of the event, this amount will be returned along with any excess your event might make. Alternately, if your event ends up making a deficit, VSI will pick up the deficit. You must send a copy of the budget at the time of making a proposal and audited report at the end of the event, within 3 months of conclusion of the event. You can submit the details on the online form for quick responses, but we will also need a hard copy to be mailed to us.

Please fill-out the online Sponsorship form for gaining sponsorship to hold a VLSI related event in India.
Your proposal must be sent at least three months in advance of the event.
Please also download the Sponsorship request form in pdf that can be filled and sent to the given address.
Send the budget details in Excel format to:
vsiSecy@vlsi-india.org, with a copy to vsiaccounts@vlsi-india.org.

b) VSI can be a technical co-sponsor and help you in finding speakers for your event.

If you are organizing a workshop/conference with sponsorship from VSI, please use the sample review form indicated below to get reviews on the technical papers submitted to the conference.

(Click to expand/ close)
You may copy the below format as text or Download Review form PDF
Place and Date:
Start date for review:
Review must be completed by:
Name of the reviewer:
E-mail address:
1. Please comment on the relevance of the topic to the VLSI workshop
  4. Excellent
3. Good
2. Fair
1. Poor
2. Please summarize the goals of the paper
  4. Describes original ideas with experimental results
3. Describes some original ideas, but no results
2. Survey of recent work
1. None of the above
3. Comment on the awareness of recent literature
  4. Excellent
3. Good
2. Fair
1. Poor
4. Comment on the effort spent
  4. Excellent
3. Good
2. Fair
1. Poor
5. Do you recommend this paper for presentation?
  4. Definitely accept
3. With some reservation
2. Tend to reject
1. Definitely reject
6. If you are recommending the paper for acceptance, what should be the duration of the presentation?
  4. 20 min
3. 15 min
2. 10 min
1. Poster paper
7. Comments for the authors to improve their work.
  Even if you decide to reject the paper, please provide constructive comments.
For any clarifications, please use the Feedback form.  


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